DIY #2: Ring Cup

Hi!!! today i am teaching you how to make a ring box, but out of a cup. The supplies you will need are:

A cup of your choice




so first, you will want to accordion fold your piece of paper. if you don’t know what that is, just take a piece of paper, make a tiny fold, then make a tiny fold the other way and just keep doing that til all of your paper is folded. then, put the piece of paper on top of the cup and cut it so it can fit. once you are done cutting the paper, try to fit it in the inside without undoing the folds. Sometimes, it does not fit all the way, so it’s okay if you have to trim it a few times like i did. Once it fits perfectly, you will want to tape the sides/ends of the paper to the cup so it stays. now put your rings in so you can make sure they fit, and they are done. Voila!IMG_3099

P.S. I didn’t have any rings for this so that’s why there are pennies. Thank you Abraham Lincoln.


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