And a Special Thanks to…

Hi guys!!! So,this is my last post, and I would like to thank everyone who helped me with this blog:

My teachers, Adam and Sally for always helping me.

Olivia Peralta, my advisor, for always coming up with the best ideas.

Molly Lorring, for helping me make stuff, and always improving things.

Dorothy Wimmer, for being my personal calendar and always telling me when to post something new.

Jaidyn Buckner, for also giving me good ideas.

Maddy Kingery, for being my friend and smiling.

My mom, For always telling me my posts are really cool.

Melissa and Allison and Karen, for looking at all my posts.

Josh Whiteley, for being cool.

My fans, for supporting me.

And everybody else i forgot to write about.

Signing off,





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