DIY #6: Gift wrapping hacks

Hi everyone! today i am going to teach you some simple gift wrapping hacks. i hope you enjoy them!

The Hershey’s Kiss

take your gift and some tissue paper, and crumple it up in the tissue paper. Then, take a sheet of aluminum foil, and crumple it around the gift. Now, your gift should look like a Hershey’s Kiss. Also, cut a strip of a sheet of white paper, and write a message. Then, just open up the foil, and put the message in like a Hershey’s Kiss. Voila!

Gift Tag

Just take a Bit of your wrapping paper, fold it, then tape it on to your gift. Now you have a gift tag!


First, cut a strip of wrapping paper, and fold the sides to the middle. Now, take a tiny bit of double sided tape and put it on the middle,take a tiny bit of wrapping paper, and put it over the double sided tape so it sticks and now you have a bow!





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