DIY# 5: Patterned Phone Case

Hi Guys!!! so, I would just like to start off with saying that I’m really sorry that i haven’t been posting lately, it has been a very busy week lately. So, i thought to get out of my slump, i would make a cute patterned phone case(partly because i just needed a new phone case too) so, Enjoy!!!

The materials you will need are:

Patterned Washi Tape

an Phone case


So First, look at your case and tape and think up what type of pattern(s) you want. I just picked out three different rolls that looked cute. Now, after you have your plan, just take the case off your phone, and assemble the tape like you want it. But make sure that you are not covering the little bits and bobs like the flash, the camera, the plug holes, and all that other stuff. AND don’t forget to cut off the excess tape with your handy dandy scissors.




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