DIY #4: Confetti Stix

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate this fun holiday,we will be making Confetti Stix. I saw this on Pinterest and was really inspired so I thought I should make it.the materials you will need are:





First, just make sure your Confetti and stuff fits through the straw, but if it doesn’t,like mine, then just cut into the straw so they fit and also make sure to tape the bottom closed so nothing will come out. and another idea if the stuff does not fit just cut the sequins and confetti until they fit loosely.Then, just put every thing in the straws, and put tape on the top too, and you are done; Enjoy your Confetti Stix!


P.S. i will be putting the finished product up later so you can see what they turned out like, but not now because it’s thanksgiving, so i should be stuffing myself.


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