DIY #1: Terrarium

Hi Everybody!!! So Today, as you can tell by the title of this post, today we are making a DIY Terrarium. I’ve seen these everywhere, but they seem to be really expensive so i figured I could make one instead. The supplies you will need are:

A Jar- any kind you would like

Some Naturey Stuff- i just Used some random Junk that I found and I thought it would look cool




So first, just put in your naturey things as you would like(i recommend to find a centerpiece for it all) i also found some cute sequins that i decided to sprinkle on everything,shells,and a plastic sunflower plant. once you are done, i recommend putting your Terrarium in a place that it won’t get destroyed.(speaking as a person who has 2 dogs)



P.S. This is one of my easier DIYs, but oh well, just please tune in. Thanks!


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